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The leading Falcon tracking device worldwide

FALCONPILOT™ is the innovation in tracking. Combining the knowledge of our customers with the performance of German engineering and technology, we were able to design a tracking device which fulfills all of your demands.

For the user who knows the pitfalls of the telemetry system, we have improved and advanced it to facilitate handling and avoid malfunctions. Redesigned cases and new interior technology enables the hunter to use the standard system with the advantages of reliability and durability. Signals can now be received for more than 70 km under ideal conditions. As technology moves on, we decided to plan ahead. The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry even for longer periods of time and suits the customer more than comparable products. The receiver is available in different colours and we try to comply with any special requests you might have.

The FALCONPILOT™ consists of several high power transmitters and a radio frequency receiver to locate your falcons over long distances. This enables you to remain in control over your falcons.

This tracking device is the latest development in quartz-based technology. This allows the device to support up to 1000 channels and is able to locate several different transmitters, to control several different falcons, at the same time.

The FALCONPILOT™ is the perfect equipment for an exciting hunt.

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